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version 3.93.0
  • move DocSearcher to Java 6
  • fix problem with ignored files if you searched with filetype choise
  • fix upper case file type problem since version 3.92.0
  • fix some problems in website spider
  • preparing to Java Webstart

version 3.92.0
  • refactored PDF converter
  • removed old multivalent PDF extractor
  • updated PDF Box to 0.7.3
  • changed the Lucene date to new format (DateTools)
  • refactored internal filetype handling

version 3.91.0
  • refactor DocType handling
  • refactor index creating and don't store the body content
  • search in body and title together is possible again
  • replace old setting file "docSearch_prefs.txt" with ""
  • remove tinylaf layout
  • first try to solve some problem with servlet extension
  • remove check if last searchtext was the same, because the options can be changed
  • remove option for search in title and body, because it does not run
  • fix escaping problem in meta data report
  • fix problem with filenames contains whitespaces
  • update POI to 3.2 final
  • fix some problems in Word and Excel converter
  • add commons-io

version 3.90.0
  • fix some problems with search field
  • fix problem with home button
  • add first junit test
  • add findbugs
  • add checkstyle
  • ant - move some directories to build
  • remove back and forward buttons, because they are not useful in this context
  • update Lucene to 2.0.0
  • add some JAVA 5 features
  • add new resources
  • fix problem with command line

version 3.89
  • little fix in meta data report for OpenDocument
  • fix reindex problem with to many filetype variables
  • fix some problems during OpenDocument indexing
  • update Jakarta POI library to actual alpha version 2006-05-15
  • rewrite Word converter
  • rewrite Excel converter
  • remove some unused temporary files
  • add important debug for cd creating mechanism
  • update log4j to 1.2.13
  • add filetype constants
  • add OpenDocument text format
  • fix some different title formats during indexing (filename with path, first content of document)
  • document title normaly from document or filename
  • fix double k(k K bytes) in summary line
  • improve filetype handling
  • change filetype icons

version 3.88
  • no changes since 3.88 pre1
  • fix date convert problem
  • many code cleanups
  • add license (GPL)
  • source code formated (java code convention)
  • add Log4J
  • little fix in website spider
  • add help page
  • add Environment and FileEnvironment class